Pocahontas And Yosemite Sam Built A Restaurant...and The People Came


First-time patrons are easy to spot. They all seem to display similar reactions: The head scratching, the bemusement, the quizzical expressions. The unacquainted try to decipher why a restaurant that serves authentic Taiwanese cuisine would choose to cloak itself in a surreal atmosphere of American Indian/Yukon cabin kitsch. Uncle Yu's Indian Theme Restaurant occupies a busy corner of a standard, parking challenged strip-mall. But step within its doors and the experience is anything but typical. Scantily-clad waitresses in moccasins and feathered headdresses scramble between communal, rustic, wood tables surrounded by faux-timbered walls, adorned with buffalo heads and raccoon pelts. Sprinkle in some colorful Chinese paper lanterns and clusters of twinkling blue lights, and you're left with an ambiance that's sure to impress. Uncle Yu's reflects a recent trend in the city of Taipei, which has seen a growing popularity for strangely-themed restaurants. One hospital-theme establishment dispenses wine and beer from suspended IV bags, and nurses/servers deliver sake from over sized hypodermic needles. Patrons at Uncle Yu's love the pitchers of cheap Asian beer. Combine them with a menu packed with Taiwanese bar-style delicacies, as well as the shared table seating, and you have a festive scene that some locals have labeled 'that funky Taiwanese beer pub'. Without a doubt this is a restaurant tailor-made for groups and parties.

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Uncle Yu's Indian Theme Restaurant

633 S San Gabriel Blvd, Suite 105, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Phone. (626) 287-0688